Tuesday, July 21, 2009


So I have finally completed the visual manifestations of Dr. Bard's otherworld.

The floating jellyfish earrings from Dr Bard's first real adventure are made with top and bottom cast silver sections, and a center 8mm black onyx round. They had to be earrings, since they would lose their floaty-ness as a necklace. In actuality, it is just a beaded earring, with top and bottom bead caps. The most elaborate beaded earrings on the planet, but that's what they are, just the same.

Most of the items I am finishing now are less complex tests for larger projects planned for the future. I may be making some cast metal beads and bead cap in the future, and these caps answered a couple of questions concerning the metal casting part.

The tentacles are tests to convert the vinelike texture used on the back of spooky window to a more animal-like look. I am really pleased with the wispy, organic look. This will be used on a couple of 'alien-infected' pendants in the future, including the revised mindworm pendant, and an infected egg which is the most technically challenging design I have ever come up with. The egg has possibly our best accompanying sci-fi pendant story to date also - mum's the word.

The garnet door started as a small project to complete a casting run. I wanted to remake a door pendant that I had made a decade ago when I was doing art shows. The nice thing about casting is that you can spend an elaborate amount of time on a piece, and spread the initial cost over more than one casting. This time I wanted to use a faceted stone instead of a rounded cabochon - it seemed more fitting.

The piece was turning out so well felt it needed a story. The door became a portal for an arcane technology that opens time and space: the result was that I then had a catalyst for infinite story lines. Thus Dr. Bard was born. I tacked his name onto a story snippet I wrote for the veggiescape pendant I had designed earlier; which fit nicely, as it was made as a Jules-Verne-esque piece. The floating jellyfish were designed from his first adventure. Who knows what work Dr Bards adventures will inspire in the future, if I can get him out of Nowhere

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