Wednesday, January 2, 2008


some of the words used on the blog may be unfamiliar to our readers because, well they are mostly sane and live in the real world, and and I am not, and don't; so here goes a helper glossary

"who is Dr. Bard?"
Dr Bard; doctor, scientist, explorer, skeptic lived at the turn of the 20th century. Among his many exploits, he rediscovered the 'Lost City of Pearls', and the legendary 'Garnet Door'. The latter was a hole in time and space.

After discovering the Garnet Door, he devoted much of his life to understanding and manipulating the door to control the 'other world' that lay beyond. After learning to control the door, (more or less), he saved the world more than once, both in the past and in the future.

"what is a mindworm?":
The original idea was derived from the computer game 'Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri', which takes up where the game 'Civilization' left off, with humanity colonizing a planet in Alpha Centauri. Mindworms were indigenous, parastic life-forms.

The mindworm pod pendant is a husk from within the worm. Valuable 'planet pearls' can be found in the best specimens.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

best of the web

Best of the best websites that might interest our customers:


Sandra Arteaga's dolls are beyond wonderful. A link to her blog should get you started enjoying her work.

emporium 51: Hands down, finest rabbit portraits on the web.

and more photography from ellemoss with exploding heads!

Pteridomania Drawings & mixed media artwork by Carly Drew

(These are websites not related to jewelry, arts or crafts, but may be of interest to our readers. That, or no-one else would link to them, so we had to.)

USDA: If you live on the west coast, USA, you are familiar with the giant snails that carry off pets and small children. Here is a solution.

Hugo awards: Think you might have missed reading a really good sci-fi book from the past? You could do worse than scanning the past Hugo award winners. Oh and the Cambpell winners too.

NASA: Why would anyone go anywhere else for wallpaper images?

Project Gutenburg:
Above three links will give you many, many lifetimes of older public domain books to read online or download, the last is audio recordings.


A thanks to mommaj and april for featuring our work!

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