Sunday, December 20, 2009

hungarian to english dictionary

Anyone know how to say 'far out' in Hungarian?

According to babelfish, literally: 'rump out'

...which is, in itself, pretty far out.

Thursday, December 17, 2009


The bar scene from Tarr's 'Damnation'.

The outside-the-wish-room scene from 'Stalker'.

Bittersweet, delicate Monkey - Zone color against the monochrome landscape.

Thursday, December 3, 2009


The warm evening sun made sultry, glowing figures of the twenty-something girls playing in the lake. James snapped several shots quickly from his bench in the grassy park.

Julie came up stealthily from behind. She slipped onto the bench, and slid toward him as close as possible. "Which one do you like?", she laughed in his ear.

It was a sweet, deep voice from the past. Before seeing her today, James had nearly forgotten it. How easily it could hold him in it's clutch. He blushed, sounding some poor excuse about an interesting sail boat beyond where the girls were playing. Julie giggled as his words stumbled over each other. The same playfulness of 12 years past. Marriage, children, the responsibilities of adult life had not changed her.

"Want me to pick one out for you?" she asked, leaning around in front of him, so that she could see his face and judge the effect she was having - he blushed to another level. Turning back toward the water, she put a finger to her chin in mock concentration before pointing out toward the swimmers, "the dark one in blue is pretty."

They sat silent for a while, bathing in sunlight and old memories.

Julie had changed clothes since lunch, from a over-sized shirt, into a one-piece swimsuit. As she leaned her chest defiantly forward against the oncoming scenery, her exposed thigh pressed hard against the bench. It was not as he remembered. What was once a thin and tanned leg was now the pale, thick appendage... of... of... someone's mother. For a moment the spell was broken.

"Do you want me to go out there and get 'blue girl' for you," she said, "or would you like to go back to the campsite and drink a beer with me before I have to leave?"

James stood obediently and followed her back to the campsite.