Friday, April 26, 2013

are there any words
- the old style words
more readily scratched and stained upon paper -
to define the new landscape of ones and zeros?
mending words for laying flat the past and present
as time curves in upon itself

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Small, random events do not always cancel each other out.

The back hatch is closed with just shy the force needed to extinguish the car's interior light -- a butterfly flutters it's wings.

Friday, April 19, 2013

"... some secrets are beyond the expression of those who experience them."

V. Vinge
Rainbows End


sometimes i chance upon a beautiful person, a person whose worth is discounted and values ridiculed by the majority.  they compel me to be a better person.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

there were so many stories from my walk tonight
that I wanted to tell you about

about the sparse clouds last attempts at thwarting summer
and Orion's eternal dance with the moon

about lights from a late night baseball game
turning  neighborhood trees into tinseled magic
and glowing infrared beasts

about the damp, freshly mown grass
and the dog's gleeful appreciation

about quiet backstreets
with folks huddled around televisions
trying to make sense of the world
or trying to escape it

about strange and exotic lights
turning back rooms into eerie alien worlds
half-viewed signs and symbols
holding uncountable fantasies

...but most of the stories
the good ones
the ones that made me laugh or cry
fell out of well worn pockets
as I strolled through the chilly spring night

The sun came out a bit today.
Winter weary plants looked up
from a thousand thousand dirges in the soil
and proclaimed life to Be sweet and good.