Wednesday, July 22, 2009

bamboo thingy is done

This pendant is proof that you can begin a gemstone earring project. Fail. Redesign the pieces of the project into earrings without a stone. Fail. Redesign the pieces of the project into a larger and heavier pendant. Fail. Try again adding back the stone, and finally succeed.

Just goes to show that without any know-how, no game plan, no ability to learn from your mistakes, and no vision for the future, you can actually accomplish something.

The general design is an attempt to make something that looks halfway between an Oriental sketch, and a real stand of bamboo.

Most pieces I start these days are part of a larger set of designs; that or tests for more complex pieces. This piece is the exception, and stemmed from a comment from my wife, "We really need more cool earrings." That and an attempt to copy some earlier two-dimensional nature pendants made in the past.

The project did not turn into earrings.

I tried.


  1. This is absolutely stunning work, though. I think you should put atomic, tiki and retro into your keywords as this would appeal to tiki afficionados, for sure. I'm adding it to my faves.

  2. A.
    Thank you, and thank you for checking out our blog.

  3. wow! I am in awe of your greatness-fer real. you are my favorite mad jewelry scientist

  4. Hi Feliceski doodle!

    Some of us are not born a beautiful princess, so we have to attempt to grow fairy-tales in the shop.