Sunday, July 19, 2009

a journey into Dr. Bard's mind

part two of Dr Bards infamous trip to nowhere

(Although not a requirement that the reader begin in any particular place when reading about Dr Bard's adventures, it may be helpful before reading this story to start with part one of Dr Bard's infamous trip to nowhere.)


Day 43

It has been forty three days since the garnet door's madness infected my soul; since I became stranded in Nowhere. This is based on the assumption that my care-givers are telling me the truth regarding the correct date. - That I am sane enough to process their speech correctly. - That they really do exist. - And that I still exist.

Across the room from my hospital bed, slowly pouring in from a barred window, dim light from an overcast sky confirms the time of year; a dreary, late fall day. The window, complete with it's own rusty restraints, has been placed too high on the wall for offering any pleasure other than watching the sky change from gloomy to pathetic. Sounds from the English countryside carry through the thin pane of the window; the start of branches at the latest surge of winter's approach; small creature's muted prayers for an early spring. The asylum is sufficiently removed from London's noise so as not to disturb my fellow comrades, sectioned in their own rooms, battling their own psychic demons.

Dr Purdue has allowed the loosening of my arm restraints between episodes, so that I can attempt writing in my journal. He is convinced that a madness lies within my own psyche. He seems unaffected by stories of 'magical doors' in tropical forests. I am convinced the door's trickery has captured my soul.

[Dr Bard does not notice that the door of his hospital room has opened slightly. Opened just enough for the snakelike creature to wedge it's way through, slithering on the floor, moving towards the foot of Dr Bard's bed. Through the opening in the door one can see that the hospital hallway no longer exists, in it's place, the Pool-Room.]

to be continued...

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