Monday, April 27, 2009

what I am working on today

As an addition to the pearl pod pendant and earrings, I am working on a matching ring. The ring shank will be made from wild rose twigs. (Part B in pic). The pointy end of the twig wraps around the finger and sits in a fork at the other end of the twig. A pearl pod similar to the pendant and earrings sits atop the forked area of the twig.

I made the rough shape for the pod yesterday using hard wax. I carved the pod by hand, and assumed that would be enough to give me a sufficiently 'organic' shape. I was wrong. It has an artificial look to it, like someone tried to carve a natural looking pod out of hard wax. (Wonder why?)

My first assignment today is to remove the hand carved look from the pod.

And that's about all I got done in the shop. I turned the exterior from a smooth round sphere, into something just this side of grotesque. Or maybe just the other side. I also glued the pearl's bezel cup to the inside. The pod is pretty much done and ready for a mold, unless the morning sun exposes something I cannot live with.

I did get some work done on a garnet door pendant- bricking up the back. Will explain later

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