Sunday, April 26, 2009


We had the 'perfect girl' in our grade school class. Her name was Libby. Libby had beautiful brown hair, and warm golden skin that could distract even the most studious. Libby was the classroom object of desire.

On the opposite end of the beauty spectrum was Cora. Cora had abrupt facial features, and flaming, unkempt hair which matched her caustic personality. Cora was the joke of the school.

At night, after falling asleep, when I had less control, I would stop dreaming of Libby and dream of Cora.

When starting a jewelry design, I usually imagine it in the likeness of Libby. When the piece is finished, it tends to be more in the likeness of Cora.

I am grateful to Libby for some wonderful daydreams. I am grateful to Cora for giving me a soul.

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