Thursday, May 23, 2013

WILL: No. I mean, if there is anything, it is just a cultural thing. When I was younger there was so much divisiveness, you just adapted your preferences.

SARA: Yeah, I know. But that is not 'it', is it?

WILL: What do you mean?

SARA: I ~mean~ so many times we have started getting close, and I feel you pull back. I can sense it. It has nothing to do with my skin color. It does, I think, but it is also something deeper.

WILL: I don't mean to.

SARA: It is like you are afraid of something, not repelled.


WILL: Maybe sometimes I feel that the subtleties of what I am experiencing might not be enough.

SARA: Subtleties. Is that it? You think that they will be lost on me?

WILL: Not that you cannot understand them. Me. You are the most insightful person I have ever known. I just...

SARA: You think because I kid around alot and am loud and outgoing that I cannot be something else too? That we cannot have something special

WILL: When we are around others you seem to be happier, more fulfilled.

SARA: By 'others', you mean Raymond don't you? Look, if I wanted to be with Raymond, or anybody else, I would be. I want to be with you, even though you can be really annoying sometimes.

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