Saturday, February 23, 2013

 So some of the talented and friendly folks at one of my forums do a group blog post (maybe monthly?) and thought I might give it a try, if they are nice enough to include my lameness. At the bottom of the post, I think I will be getting links to everybody else's post eventually.

The blog post topic is: What got you into metalsmithing initially?

Here's a shot:

(Marcus is the husband, Amy the wife.)

YEAR ONE:  We purchased some rock hounding and cutting equipment.  We started selling beads and jewelry using cut and polished rocks from around our home in Oregon.  Oregon has really cool rocks.  We sold at a local market.  Oregon also has two or more really cool Saturday Markets.  Do a search engine search for Eugene Saturday Market.

YEAR TWO: Don't really remember.

YEAR THREE: Still a bit foggy.

YEAR FOUR:  We began to do more arts and crafts and fine arts shows from Northern Washington to San Francisco where Marcus' silver and stone jewelry did well.  Marcus started making more sterling silver jewelry with hand cut stones.  We bought some metal casting equipment so that we could duplicate our designs and not starve.

YEAR FIVE:  Marcus bought a computer and made a website to sell our jewelry online.  Amy's beaded stuff did ok, but Marcus' stuff did not, primarily because our website really stunk.

YEAR SIX:  We started selling Amy's beaded stuff exclusively off our website, and Marcus stopped doing out of town shows since being on the road really freaked him out.  Marcus spent his time managing and improving the beaded jewelry website and advertising said website.



YEAR TEN:  Marcus was in the garage trying to find his polishing stuff to clean up a pair of beaded earrings.  Rummaging through all the jewelry equipment just piled to the ceiling, he decides to start making silver jewelry again.  Marcus then puts some of his silver work on Etsy.  He then writes this bio.

(That was all a couple of years ago.)

Disclaimer:  The above dates are probably way off.


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  1. In retrospect, you must be happy for those tarnished beaded earrings, or you'd never have started again! :)

  2. I'm so glad you still make jewelry. You are both so talented.