Friday, June 10, 2011


So I got the outer shank for the amethyst ring 'roughed in' today. (It has a crown (bezel area) salvaged from the door pendant.)

Did not think about the difference between a ring mount and a pendant mount and the crown/shank meeting gave me fits. And I could not get the shank style right - kept making it too nice and pretty. It is finally where it will (or will not) be, it now needs some 'chaos' added and I think it will work. After that, the inside shank must be filled in, rounded and smoothed. Then a general clean-up.

The bezel area has a strange 'flared square' shape that leaves prominent corners at the base. At first this seemed too bulky. Usually when working on a piece, an oddity will either become increasingly annoying, and scrapped, or your eye will normalize the unique design. So far leaning slightly to the latter -- hard to know in this case until it gets to the point of being metal: as worn, as felt.

I get the ring finished and another creepy pod pendant and I can do a 3-month-overdue casting.

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