Monday, February 14, 2011

blood tea and red string

I will preface with the fact that if you are not a big fan of stop motion animation, you should run away screaming - a minor in adult fairytale fan-hood is also recommended.

Blood Tea and Red String, 2006 by Christiane Cegavske has it's own pace.

I first watched it very out-of-sorts in the middle of the night. I watched it the second time - again in the middle of the night - two nights ago. The DVD sits, un-returned to Netflix, as I contemplate a third viewing. There is something to be learned here. Although rough around the edges, it is meticulously detailed where fitting. Although long and windy, it never loses itself.

I need this lesson somehow. I plan to watch until I figure out exactly what it is trying to tell me.

I had begun to get off track with my work, almost apologetically. If I am looking for aesthetic absolutes, I should program my computer to draw a perfect circle, close the shop and dedicate the rest if my life to drinking very bad wine.

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