Wednesday, December 8, 2010


In 1998 Robert Rich released a collection of tracks entitled 'Seven Veils'. Here is a sample of the cd - the entire cd is this good - if you like it, do yourself a favor and purchase it. It ages very well. This cd is, in my opinion, one of the most profound and innovative collections in popular 'ethereal' music. I have to admit to not having heard all of R. Rich's music and collaborations, but compared to the other work I have heard, this cd has a different energy and sound - unique from anything I have ever heard. This cd is on a shortlist of medicines that can pull me in a creating space when all else fails. I have always wanted to do a work specifically themed to this soundtrack. As with all my favorite influences, I have yet to feel up to the project. I now think that I am ready to do a 'project-sketch' of the music. The attempt will be a ring entitled dissolve. Hopefully, a test for a more ambitious project in the future. Either that, or another lesson in the dangers of poking inspiration with a stick. We will see...

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