Friday, December 31, 2010

between the fingers

In all my belly-aching and griping about the serpent ring, I failed to comment on it's most notable quality. Back when I used to do shows, one of the my fondest memories was that of selling a few of my pieces to those who happened to be blind. I consider this a real complement - if a piece does not feel right 'between the fingers', the piece is a failure. When judged within this criteria, the serpent ring is, in my opinion, a success. Looking at the ring, there may be some ambiguity as to it's meaning', it's function. When slid between the fingers, it is no longer a representation, the ancient serpent slides though your grasp.

I am closer to making some final products.


  1. every time I see your ring, I love it just a bit more. I have always loved lizards and this ring is exactly like the lizards I used to keep. that ring is to die for, and before I die, I must have one lol Beautiful Marcus !